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Edgar Rider

Edgar Rider published essays on educational issues. Some articles contain Social media analysis as well as other marketing expertise information.



Getting Sticky With Marshmallow Engineering

Choosing To Adapt To New Education Methods In Order To Keep Children Focused On Concepts Can Inspire Learning That May Appear To Be Bereft Of Effort. Over the last half-decade or more, some educators decided to put an “A” into the acronym STEM, by adding the creative field of “arts” into the equation.
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5 Characteristics of Charismatic Influence

The following 5 characteristics are viewed as being valuable to people seeking charismatic influence in personal lives and in their professional pursuits. It is this combination that sends a powerful projection presence message to others. If one continually learns and practices these principles others may respond by being captivated and compelled to follow your direction.
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Ever Expansive Effort In A Growth Mindset

It is important to draw the distinction between fixed and growth mindset. Some of us grew up believing we couldn’t do things because they were hard and we struggled to much with it and had no real natural ability. This is fixed mindset because it is the belief that there must be some in-ordained ability within.
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Tips on Guest Teaching

A look at the world of Substitute teaching. Tips and Anecdotes from inside K-12 classrooms.
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Rules of Engagement Percentage Without the Ceremony

Seriously people is anyone even paying attention?!? Do you ever wonder if anyone is actually clicking your links or reading your page? Are you out there in the cyberspace ‘Matrix’ wondering if your ideas are lost? If people are finding your platforms etc.. are they just scrolling down and saying that looks kinda cool and passing by it?
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Conversion Rate Optimization (Not An Outer Space Term)

Let the confusion begin. This may seem like a complicated endeavor explaining this alien term of Conversion Rate Optimization. Seems like you may need years of training to decipher this code. Then what is it. It is simply when a visitor to your website takes an action that you want them to take.
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Increase Followers by Retweeting

Who are the most eager willing people to connect on social media? Doesn’t it stand to reason that one group that stands out is motivational speakers? If you want some quick followers that can help increase your base find and follow influential people from this group. You will have to do more though than just follow.
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Compare and Contrast Questions: A Simple Way to Get Feedback on Social Media

But you can really get a conversation started by giving the reader a choice between two or more subjects. The compare and contrast method works because it engages the reader to take control of the discussion and gives them a choice.
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Spellbound your progress by constantly improving your daily routine formula

It’s a busy noisy world and outside forces are hell bent on taking us from a constructive direction to a counterproductive one. Let’s face it, most of us have our time management issues. I would like to even combine it and say that most of us have a time energy management challenge. How many of us even look at our day and write it down.
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Autism Basics: Gestures and the accompanying mental state of autism

Do you ever see that person in the shopping mall flailing their arms running towards someone. It used to frighten me sometimes, before I understood what was going on. I remember years ago at the shopping mall, suddenly the person started running towards someone and began hitting them with a barrage of blows.
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The many forms of blended learning

Is blended learning something like putting bananas and apples in a blender and coming up with a different type of systematic educational concoction? A more soothing, refreshing, learning beverage for students to gulp down? Is it a smoothie for better learning? Blended learning is combining the ideas of ‘in the classroom study’ and ‘online learning’ to help students with their educational development.
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Emotional release exercises using a method called Trash Bag Therapy

A simple form of therapy consists of placing a trash bag around your body. It consists of covering your face entirely and upper torso but making sure it is a loose bag in the legging area to prevent breathing issues. It is important that we find positive ways to handle issues that have an enormous weight on our esteem.
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Edgar Rider

Edgar Rider is a Freelance Writer living in Phoenix Arizona. He has been also working in education as a Substitute teacher for eight years and more recently as a Para Educator. He has also explored marketing topics and has become proficient at analyzing social media statistics. He has been published in Teach Magazine, Marketing Solved, Delib Logic, Search engine Geek, Grow Map, Duct Tape Marketing, Life is an Episode Journal and Modern Times Magazine among others .